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      What was that? asked Esmeralda.

      Why dont they sell them? asked Esmeralda.

      Bergan had waited to hear this decision, and he now requested Doctor Gerrish to ride on to the Hall, where he would join him almost immediately, by the shorter way of the foot-bridge. His uncle detained him longer than he expected, however, for a final consultation about several important matters; and he was conscious that Doctor Gerrish must have been kept waiting for a considerable time, when he finally quitted the house. Hurrying to the foot-bridge, he saw two rough-looking men crossing it from the direction of the Hall. At sight of him, they interchanged a few words, and then came to meet him.But you must please yourself, said Trafford. We all think of you and seek your happiness.

      I didnt go; I wish I had, for I should have seen the heiress they are all talking about. She was at the Fletchers last night, but I got there too late, and shed gone before I arrived. Is she as beautiful as they say she is?

      There was a great over-blown Dijon rose nodding its heavy head over the fence. Roses linger so late in that soft western air. Lostwithiel plucked the flower, and pulled off its petals one by one as he walked towards the village street.

      Yes, I will go, she said. But, after all, it need not be good-bye forever, Trafford. Her tone was piteous and imploring. We shall see each other oftenoften. Why should we not? Trafford, you will still need me, thoughthough you are married to her. She can not be all in all to you, as I should have been. She drew a long sigh. She can not even be a companion for you. She is ignorant and uncultivated; she knows nothing of the things that go to make up our lives. You will need sympathyyou will come to me, Trafford.


      "No. I was born at Dinan."They walked round to Grosvenor Square, talking together like old friends and comrades. Norman had no end of adventures by flood and field to relate, but he said nothing of Three Star or Esmeralda Howard. For one thing, he did not want to thrust his disappointment upon Traffords joy.


      "Perhaps that would be too much to say. I know so little about him. I have scarcely seen him since he was a ladonly I have heard things which have prejudiced me," continued Disney, lapsing into moody thoughtfulness.


      "I don't know," Disney answered gloomily. "The woman is true as steelthe man comes of a bad stock. You know what the Scripture says about the tree and the fruit."